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A career's worth of secrets, learnt by me, shared with You. 

Coaching with Makha 


Coaching, with Insight.

I've  Experienced
 Some  Stuff* behind the scenes -

and YOU   Get to Benefit.

I could tell you my resume, and rattle off about being accepted into a masters program that only accepts seven students a year. But I’d rather tell you about the rooms I’ve been in.

I was in the room, as a Reader Off Broadway, when the last actor of the day had left the room, and producers said to Casting, "thanks so much, but can we just go with the first actor we suggested a week ago?" 


I was in the room, as an Actor, as a future Tony Winning Director had all the female castmates look down, as we would later find out we were on very different contracts to the men.


And everyday for the past year I’ve been on phone calls and emails as an Executive Assistant for a Partner and Talent Manager at Entertainment360, as he produced his own projects and advocated for his clients to Casting Directors, Directors, Writers and Executive Producers.

My education (Mfa from the Old Globe/USD, incase you were wondering) qualifies me to teach Acting at the University level, as well as Coach Actors. My extremely unique set of experiences means that I even got to coach a few clients at Management360. And thanks to the internet, no matter where you are in the world, you can benefit from that education and experience as well.



Film Clapboard

LaKecia Harris

"I like that Makha asks you what you are feeling in the scene and really gets to the meat of what you’re trying to convey. She also offers insight into the script or scene that you may have overlooked or not even thought of. Lastly because they are an active actor/director they know how to communicate the notes and actions to try clearly. Truly amazing!"

Theater Marquee Lights

Amara Aja

"If you are looking to create a connected, specific, and joyful relationship to your craft as an actor, look no further than Makha Mthembu! Makha is a truly gifted acting coach. She brings profound compassion, penetrating curiosity, and keen insight to every session. Whenever we work together, I walk away with a clearer understanding of how to inhabit the material with intention, specificity, and playfulness. Working with Makha has taught me to take nothing for granted, to bring all of myself to roles, and to LIVE within roles instead of simply performing them. I'm immensely grateful for her guidance."

Pink Sugar

Private Coaching (Zoom or In-Person in LA)

30mins. $40 

1hr. $70 - Coaching + self-taping

1hr. $85 - Coaching, + I edit your best self-tape takes for you and send them back to you.

 90mins. $115 - Coaching, + I edit your best takes, and send them back to you.

Additional Services

Run Lines - 30 mins - $25

                      45 mins - $35 

Headshot Styling - $50



  • First Time Session - 5% off

  • Refer Friend - 10% off next service


 You can always give me a call before,

     or after your audition - Pep Talks

are always on the house!

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